5 great things in my life?


Life is made up of moments. Moments determine our hours. Hours determine our day. Days determine our month. Months turn into years. So often we can see where we want to be in years. 

To get there we must ask ourselves:

What am I doing with each moment?

Am I doing the things (mentally, physically, spiritually) in the moments that will get me where I want to go?

As I read, Chasing the Lion by Mark Battterson, I have underlined so many of his quotes, he has so much great wisdom for those pursuing a dream. He says, "This could be the greatest year of your life, your dream year, but you have to win the day. That's how you win the week, win the month, win the year. NO one achieves his or her dream without daily disciplines." 

We can ask ourself:

What do I do daily to get myself where I want to go?

What do I read daily to train my mind to stay motivated?

What can I do each day to get better? 

To live moments to the fullest, we must embrace the truth that God loves us with an unconditional powerful tender healing motivating love. His love fuels us whereas our own negative thoughts can defeat us. "For God SO loved the world..." (John 3:16 NIV) 

Jesus, I invite You into my moments, my thoughts, my goals/dreams. Help me to live one moment at a time moving closer to to what You have placed in my heart. In Jesus name

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