Guard my words as your most precious possession. Write them down, and also keep them deep within your heart. Love wisdom like a sweetheart; make her a beloved member of your family.  Proverbs 7:2a-4 (TLB)

What if I thought of the words of God as my most precious possession? What if I valued His words like I value a legacy or an inheritance? How would I protect and guard this precious gift? The writer of this proverb suggests writing these words down and keeping them deep in your heart. Not only that, but he says, “Treat these words (and the wisdom that these words give) like a sweetheart—a beloved member of the family.”       How do we treat a sweetheart? We are pretty obsessed, aren’t we? I remember first love and how all-consuming it was, how I hung on every expression, every nuance, every word that touched my heart. I was giddy with delight, filled with joy.

            Then I had a child--someone who needed me—someone totally dependent on me to protect and take care of them. It was obsession at a whole different emotional level. It wasn’t the “I’m-so-lucky-to-be-loved” kind of obsession; it was the “I-will-do-anything-to-protect-this-(anything!!)” kind of obsession. Talk about guarding something!

            The words of the Bible are the very words of God. These words have supernatural power! At any time, we can sit down and hear God’s heart for us, and the plans that He has for us, reassuring us that we are never alone, that we are a delight, and that He began a good work in us that He will continue until we see Him face to face—that’s a rich, glorious inheritance! It’s like a trust fund He has made available to us as we live our one and only life on this earth.

  Wisdom is your friend, your sweetheart. Grab her hand every morning before you go out the door. Walk with her each step of the day, knowing that if you want to experience the beauty of God, you must live in the Word of God. You are kept by a Love that never fails, guided by an Understanding that sees down the road and protects you. Embrace and guard this priceless treasure!

   **Do you see God’s Word as your most precious possession? How would you live differently if wisdom were your sweetheart?  

   ** How would you guard these words and keep them deep within your heart?

God, I’m so grateful You cared enough to communicate with me in this clear, unchanging, always-accessible way.  Your thoughts are available to refresh and nourish and teach me. Help me to protect and treasure Your words which are able to make me wise. I want to draw near to You, smitten by Your love. Amen.

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