This makes me smile (5 things)

I have a story for you: 

My little brother, Micah Owings...people always laugh when I introduce him as that because he is 6' 5", but he is eight years younger than me. When he was two or three years old he was watching a baseball game on TV and he said he wanted to play major league baseball. This God-sized dream became a reality. Along he the way he made intentional decisions that moved him closer to his dream, he chose to practice and work hard. He chose his dream, and then he did something. 
From little league to middle school, high school state championships, college, Pros- I remember watching him pitch to players that were future hall of famers and I also remember one amazing game where he hit two home runs over Turner field. What was really fun is that he invited us (his family) to be part of his dream, and I will share that part of the story soon. 

Micah had a big dream and he chose repeatedly to work toward this dream- mentally, spiritually, physically, and in his choices. After reading Sunday's post he sent me this:

"Thinking...if we have the CHOICE then what are those things that fuel or prompt us to CHOOSE?"
What do you think? Maybe our desires, our goals, or the God- sized dream inside of us. 

He went on to say:

"It's one thing to say I want to be a better ball player and simply choosing isn't going to make us better. It's the work we put in that makes us a better player."

He ask,  "What work or things can we apply to continue to enable us to CHOOSE God or the things HE has for us?" 
What can we DO today to move us closer to that goal or dream in our heart? 
What can we DO spiritually?
What can we DO mentally?
What can we DO physically?
What can we DO to help someone else?

Answering these questions and doing something will lead us closer to our dreams and goals.

God, I give You me, give me strength to take action toward my dreams and goals. In Jesus name

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