5 things that make me laugh:

If we live in our thoughts, it helps to ask ourselves, "Do I like living here?"

To renovate a house there is a total reconstruction, but before that happens walls are smashed down. Recently, I watched a home improvement show - four people took a sledgehammer to the walls. They were totally smashed. As we think about our brain and living in our thoughts, we might need to smash a few thoughts. But we can't do this until we identify what needs to be smashed.

"What thought keeps me down?"
"What do I think before great moments?"
"What thought steals my happiness?"

We don't have to keep this thought in the home of our brain. We can smash it.


1. Identify the thought
2. Pray, "God I ask You to smash and destroy ___________ (the negative thought) in Jesus name and I choose replace this thought with the truth that You love me and are for me- therefore I am a masterpiece in Christ Jesus."

This simple prayer creates restoration in our brain and it's like building a new house- one that we want to live in.

"And if the Spirit Who raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, (then) He will Who raised up Christ Jesus will also restore to live your mortal bodies..." (Rom. 8:11 AMPC)

Jesus, I invite You to do life with me, I choose the thoughts and the life You have for me. In Your name

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