Leave your simple ways behind, and begin to live; learn to use good judgment.  Proverbs 9:6 [NLT]

I want to share with you an excerpt from It’s Not My Fault by Cloud and Townsend that might help if you are trying to make a decision. One of the authors writes that he had a career decision to make that was critical to his life, and he really wanted God’s help. He wanted what most of us want when we are in that spot: a sign, a miracle, a voice in the night, or a burning bush. Then he read Proverbs 9:6. The message to him was instead of hoping and wishing (simple ways), he was to use good judgment. So he spent time analyzing, praying, calling close friends, who helped him verbally process. “Soon a pattern and a path began to emerge from all the mental chaos. Using all I had gleaned, I closed in on what, as far as I could tell, was the right way to go. So I chose my path….Success comes when we submit to the way God designed things and use the resources He has given us. For me the real breakthrough happened when I went over the issues with friends and interacted with their perspectives.”

            I’ve seen people hope that God would write an answer in the sky. They are still waiting. It can be wisdom to “wait on God.” But sometimes it’s just unbelief when we won’t do anything. Fear is keeping us paralyzed, not faith. We learn to hear from God by trusting that we will hear from God and then deciding we will “begin to live”—we take a step. I’ve been amazed in my life by the ways that God has shown up once I took that first step.

            So here’s what I do: I pray and I collect data (that means I don’t assume; I get facts). I talk to people and get advice and feedback. (Talk to people who have been down this road. I’ve always thought it a little dumb for single people to talk to their single friends about marriage decisions.) Then I pray. Then I take a step. (Fill out the application. If you aren’t accepted, then the decision is made.) If nothing unfolds, keep praying. Stay alert for God’s answers. (I once was in a store and overheard two women talking about a doctor. I knew it was God’s answer to my prayer for my daughter.) Keep moving forward. (And pray.)

*What decision do you need to make? What are the “simple ways” you are choosing? (Staying in bed because you are depressed might be one.)

*How can you use good judgment instead? What resources are available?

*Pray specifically about this: what do you want God to do for you? Listen.

Lord, You say that You will direct my path, so I’m asking You today to make Your path known to me. I will seek wisdom and then begin to live. Direct me. Amen.

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