What is good today? (5 things)

What does your heart wish for?

Most of us whether we realize it or not long for peace. That feeling inside of us that everything is going to be okay. We want that. When the world is spinning out of control and tomorrow feels like we just can't grasp it, we want to know "everythings going to be alright." (like the country song :))

Amidst all the chaos, we can know "everything is going to be alright." WHY? Because God knows us and loves us completely. He is not surprised by a thought or feeling that we have, He already knows our thoughts before we think them. 

"May (our) peace-giving God be with you." (Romans 15:33 AMPC) 

We can accept the gift of His peace and in exchange we can give Him all the things that we worry or stress about. This is a simple action, yet it changes our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, which brings us life to the FULL!

I stress (worry, get anxious) about __________. God, I give you these things. Please fill my heart, mind, soul, life with the gift of Your peace and remind me that You are with me every moment. In Jesus name

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